Are you looking for lingerie ?

Hello Sugar Babes,
Today we are here to talk about the new lingerie option we have added to the shop, Bowtie babe!
This particular lingerie is very stretchy but I suggest it for sizes extra small up to size large.
This lingerie onesie comes in one size but it ranges in color; Red. White, Hot Pink, Purple, black and Blue!
It is very soft on the skin and has a lot of cut outs to accentuate any curve that you would like to show off.
This is a great sexy option for dancers, sex workers, and just a babe that is feeling her self and wants to turn on her partner.
This lingerie has an open crotch and butt area for easy access and it can be paired with any undies that you want to wear. (If you want to wear any at all 😉)
This Onesie also has four bows two in the back of the thighs and two in the front around the boobs!
This is one of the most affordable sets available on our site and we encourage you to shop it TODAY !!!