Lingerie for Onlyfans babes

Hello Lovers,
It's The Smoked Sugar Lingerie CEO here dropping in to share some of my favorite types of lingerie for all of my onlyfans babes.
I am positive that many of you all have found my lingerie via twitter and it is no secret to many that I have an onlyfans account and used to aggressively to achieve some financial stability.
First I want to commend all of the ladies who are confident enough to choose adult content as their line of work!
YOU ARE A BAD BITCH; Never let anyone tell you differently.
Now let's hop into some of my picks for you babes to allure some new fans and get tipped for looking like the siren you are.
Let's start with undies and thongs!
I highly recommend shopping any of our butterfly crotchless thongs. They are perfect for sexy photos and you can also use toys and do live shows without removing your underwear completely. My favorite pairs in the shop are the Jeweled butterfly thongs, but honestly any of them will do.
I would arguably say 'Butterfly Bandit' Undies are just as cute if you want to show off your cakes 🎂! These undies have a band that cups the booty and it will definitely bring in some new subscribers !!! 
 All of the photos I use for my lingerie shop actually go to my onlyfans account as well and I have had no complaints so far!
Moving On, I really love and body stocking product in the site! Not only will it hug your curves and look great in photos and video; all of the body stocking products are super comfortable and soft! All of theses options have an open crotch for those of you who may want to shoot content with toys or a partner for easy access ! Sometimes when doing sex work its nice to still be able to wear things that make you feel sexy and can add some variety to the look of your content! I also feel like each lingerie piece brings a different vixen out of you and should be rotated out as much as you can afford too! It keeps things interesting and can inspire different make up looks for your subscribers. Check out a few options below.
'Fishnet Siren' is a site favorite ! She is super high quality and easy to slip on and off!
'Lil Bo Peep' Is a super classic look! Also great for dancers who want to get a little twerk on. This item does not come with underwear.
'Taste The Rainbow' is SUPER popular and is one of my personal favorites for photo content and just for lounge wear!
There are tons of other body stocking items, please feel free to shop around the site and shop up! Just for reading enjoy 10% off using code :SEXWORKROX