Lingerie is a gift to yourself

Lingerie is for you
Pink lace lingeire onsie
In this year of launching Smoked Sugar Lingerie I have heard many women decline buying because they do not have an active partner.
This is disturbing to me for a few reasons.
Not only am I a lingerie fanatic , I also believe that lingerie is more for the woman buying it.
In the era of staying home and isolation during the pandemic, women are not getting dressed as frequently. I don’t know about you but after a week of not putting any effort into grooming or putting on feel good clothes I begin to feel  a little less desirable.
With the virus going strong, we may not have a reason to slay our makeup or put on a club dress, but we can invest in quality, cute, and comfortable loungewear, bras, panties, and lingerie.
Red fishnet thigh high stockings
There is something about putting on my transparent lace teddy for myself with nowhere to go that makes me feel so good about myself.
Walking past the mirror admiring my favorite curves in my satin robe, it just does something for me. I want all women to continue to invest in their feminine pieces that make them feel soft and beautiful whether they have a partner or not. Lingerie is a mood booster for the woman wearing it.
Everyone knows that while it’s a nice gesture and can surely get some blood pumping, even when you have a partner the lingerie is coming off. In my opinion lingerie boost a sexual or intimate experience simply because the partner wearing it feels great and is exuding more confidence. She’s feel even more beautiful and desirable. This ends up translating to more fun romantic nights and days at home, or on vacation.
So before you scroll past a lingerie set that you love and think ‘I don’t need it’ or “who is this for?’ Remember it’s for you.
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