Picking the right lingerie for you

 There are a couple of things to consider when choosing the right lingerie for you.
We all love to feel confident and sexy and with a few forethoughts every woman of every body type can feel amazing in Lingerie!
The most important thing when choosing lingerie is to accentuate the things you love about yourself and minimize visual access to parts you aren’t so fond of.
Women do this everyday when choosing a wardrobe and lingerie isn’t much different!
black lingerie
For example, if you have an incredible mid section you may want to choose an option that plays up your tummy like our ‘Pussy Fairy’ or ‘Butterfly Princess’ lingerie set !
On the contrary, some of us prefer to have more coverage in the mid section but play up our chest area with a lingerie set with an embellished and sheer top.
In this case we would recommend our ‘Irreplaceable’ three piece set!
The Irreplaceable set has a mid section lace garter belt that sinches in the waist while still showing some skin.
Another thing to consider when shopping for lingerie is where you are wearing the lingerie. Are you shopping for something to spice up your bacation? Is it going to be hot where you are traveling? Will you need a satin robe for the winter months? Whatever the occasion just make sure to consider these things when picking a style for special occasions.
Last, but certainly not least; Comfort ! We find here are Smoked Sugar Lingerie , our favorite lingerie sets are the most comfortable. Being cute is great but being comfortable and sexy will allow you to enjoy the lingerie while you are wearing it and not just when you are coming out of it. Be sure to take note of whether the Item you are looking for is stretchy, or super true to size. It all plays apart in picking the best lingerie for you.