Smoked Sugar does a PopUp with Cece's Move in Touch Dance Class

We all know that lingerie makes you feel sexy like no other.
You know what else gives that same feeling?
Heels Sensual Dance !!
We are proud to announce that 'Smoked Sugar Lingerie' is now offering in class pop up events for heels and sensual dance classes in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
Tonight we have sold out completely of all of our merchandise at CeCe's Move In Touch Collaboration class!!
We have laced the ladies with the following pieces below!
We chose to go with cosmic babe for obvious reasons such as it is optimal for dance and performance.
Cosmic babe is perfect for filmed dance classes because it gives you the extra shine you need to stand out in front of the lens but is fully functional for full motion.
Our Second Pick was 'My Valentine'
This two piece heart emblem lingerie gem is not only stylish and also fully functional for dancers, Valentines day is coming to pass !
We have this lace stretch one size beauty in both red and black.
This item pairs beautifully with tights and looks great on camera.
A lot of items on our site are not only for sex appears but can be used for dancers for all ranges.
We would like to take time to shout out all of our pole babes and stripper customers!
You babes are EVERYTHING and more.
The last lingerie we brought to the dance class was
Butterfly Goddess is not exactly optimal for a dance class per say' However...
We wanted to add an option for ladies who want a taste of what we have available on our online store for home or other erotic moments.
Butterfly Goddess is a Butterly three piece lingerie set that comes with a garter , top and bottom.
This lingerie is available in sizes small through large.
If you are looking to get your sexy on in a dance class in LA be sure to show your support to Cece by following and taking a class from @Moveintouch !

If you are interested in any of these pieces for yourselves please check out the internal links or click HERE to shop our selection.