Why you should invest in Lingerie and Loungewear !

Some may see lingerie and lounge wear as a frivolous and or luxury expense.
Here at Smoked Sugar Lingerie we see it as self care. At the time of this post we are living through a pandemic which means many of us will spend the majority of our time at home. We all have those over sized t-shirt and sweats in our closet that we throw on from time to time. However it's important to think about what effect putting zero effort into our appearance does to our mood over a long period of time!
When you look good you feel good. Usually we are not putting on an outfit with fancy dresses or pants and shirts while being at home days on end.
This is why it is important to invest in a variety of lounge wear, pajamas, and lingerie attire for any mood.
Not only does it boost your confidence and give you a reason to post that selfie on instagram. It also adds an comfort that cannot be achieved by a pair of jeans as you take care of home duties or get some work accomplished at your house.
Let's face it, life has changed and we predict that working remote and distance is going to be apart of our daily living going forward.
It's time to invest in your new luxurious lifestyle by upgrading that ten year old t-shirt with holes in it to a comfortable and cute lounge wear collection.
Of course we suggest checking out Smoked Sugar's collection first for an affordable new set!
Check out some of our current favorite pieces that spice up any drab day and make you feel more confident, productive and beautiful!
Let's start off with an essential shall we?
Every adult woman over 18 deserves a satin robe for your closet. This is an everyday essential and can be worn during house to do's or when throwing on a mask before a shower! The possibilities are endless. Truly. 😉 
I hope you all can feel the vibes through this photo, it's cute, it's sexy and it is great for home.
Next let's get into some Pajamas!
The Holidays are approaching inevitably no matter what time of year you are viewing this blog post. Someones birthday, Christmas, Saint Patricks day, no matter what the occasion, a pair of Satin pajamas are always a great gift! No matter whether it's the 'She's Deluxe' Set or another fabulous satin set on our site. 
Newly on sale, we also have these fuzzy cheetah pajama pants!
These are still one of my personal favorites and will keep you warm and cozy in your home as you sleep of get that term paper finished in your living room.
Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.